Targeted against violence. Prevention work with the 4Tactical series.

Violence prevention is an elementary training module for professional groups in personal and security guards such as the police, armed forces, or safety. As soon as the options for de-escalation have been exhausted, the security team's security must be ensured by other mechanisms. Self-protection and the protection of troops in tragic, violent situations require physical and mental strength, which is built up with the proper training.


It is made for you - 4Tactical series for the pros regarding safety.

Whether it's a professional security force or a private security service, the 4Tactical series from TOP TEN is a must for everyone committed to the security and personal protection. In order to be able to act correctly in dangerous situations, so-called reality training helps to break down inhibitions. At the same time, confidence in oneself and the cohesion of the troops grows.

In order to keep the risk of injury in the training area as low as possible, TOP TEN has developed a first-class safety concept for the 4Tactical equipment.

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Make the world a little bit safer with 4Tactical.

Protection and security guards take on a large part of public and private security. These professional groups are often the focus of attention. If you want to protect others, you must first and foremost be able to defend yourself.

Training sessions under realistic conditions enable TOP TEN with the 4Tactical series. The material withstands even the most demanding loads with flying colors. As a result, the 4Tactical professional training products are exceptionally durable and make a valuable contribution to sustainable consumer behavior for environmental protection.