Why 4-Tactical?

What is 4 Tactical?

The 4Tactical product series is manufactured under the auspices of the martial arts giant TOP TEN. For decades, the TOP TEN brand has been a well-known name in martial arts for safety and quality. Separated from professional and popular sports, the TOP TEN 4Tactical series is aimed at the job-related use of security and guards. Equipped with the best equipment, each 4Tactical training session is an investment in the performance of your team.

The advantages of 4 Tactical:

  • professional training equipment for professional use
  • Decades of product experience from the professional and mass sports sector
  • Modular system for a wide range of action
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • self-sufficient training design
  • product series designed for long-term use
  • sturdy and durable
  • material selection
  • sophisticated safety and hygiene concept

Fitness-Booster: TOP TEN 4Tactical.

Specialist training units, and security and security teams, prepare for a wide range of dangerous situations to be able to act in an emergency. Hier zeigen sich die Vorteile der TOP TEN 4Tactical Serie. The individual products can all be combined with one another, which significantly expands the radius of action.

Robust and particularly hard-wearing materials allow for the most challenging demands and can also be carried on training sessions outdoors. The modular 4Tactical system is irreplaceable for close combat training, but can also be used to maintain and increase general physical fitness.

For the significant reduction of sports injuries in the exercise and training sector, the 4Tactical products convince with a sophisticated safety concept.

Reality exercises bring security in an emergency.

Reality training is becoming increasingly important as the propensity to use violence grows. In addition to the physical requirements, they also bring the mental strength of the troupe into TOP form.

With the 4Tactical equipment, violence prevention scenes and conflicts with an open willingness to use violence can be trained safely and repeatedly. Through the frequent repetition of individual exercises, the individual internalizes the sequence of movements in order to be able to fall back on them reflexively if necessary.

Being strong together makes group dynamics come alive.

Strong inside and out - 4Tactical training units.

4Tactical Equipment makes your training utterly independent of local conditions. Due to the first-class selection of materials and the high-quality processing techniques, this equipment is designed for professional training.

The 4Tactical products easily cope with daily stress under the toughest loads. The selection of the training facility is completely free in this TOP TEN series. Whether indoors or outdoors is completely subject to the specifications of the training plan.

All around a neat thing with the 4Tactical equipment.

Community sport is not only at the center of high hygienic guidelines in times of a pandemic. TOP TEN has equipped the complete 4Tactical product series with a special protection and hygiene concept. In addition to the essential requirement for easy cleaning, all parts of the series can be treated with commercially available disinfectants if necessary.

Designed for an extended period of use, the demands for care and storage of the 4Tactical products are not linked to any prior knowledge.

Less pressure on the environment - with 4Tactical and Green Economy.

Under the header "Green Economy," TOP TEN combines essential entrepreneurial aspects with 4Tactical. As the basis of life for all of us, climate protection and the preservation of nature are part of the ecological guidelines. Together with the TOP TEN company concept, which is designed for the long term, the short-term profit moves behind the economic responsibility of the 4Tactical martial arts products. Last but not least, the sense of responsibility for maintaining and expanding social justice within the product cycle is one of the core tasks.

We provide completely transparent information about the 4Tactical made in Europe projects. Show yourself with made-to-order products, how much you as a community can contribute to the success of the 4Tactical value chain and how we can extend the life cycle of individual raw materials with 4Tactical products.