4tactical-punch pad-header

punch pad "4TACTICAL“

material information

  • Rubber-Tex-Cover
  • Core made of PUR foam
  • tear-resistant handles
  • washable

The "4Tactical" punch pad is equipped with a hard-wearing cover, which can also be processed with blunt training weapons.

Technical information

  • Area 65 x 48 x 15 cm
  • flexible holding system

The size of the punching pad offers an ideal attack surface for full-body use. Thanks to the holding system, a dynamic training process is guaranteed.

possible uses

  • Punch and kick training
  • Stabs and jabs with blunt weapons
  • Stick weapon training

There are no longer any limits to your training with this punching pad. It doesn't matter whether it's melee activities with full physical exertion or the use of blunt sticks and thrusting weapons.

The safety concept stands for a straight line - TOP TEN "4Tactical" punch pads.

In its refined version, the robust TOP TEN "4Tactical" punch pad meets the daily challenges in martial arts. You can hit, kick, or impact it with blunt objects without noticing a noticeable change. With the omission of a striking design with distinctive print and color surfaces, the punch pad looks relatively simple but looks better for longer, even under the most demanding loads. Signs of abrasion can hardly be seen on the surface. The cover made of puncture and abrasion-resistant Rubber-Tex material protects the underlying core made of dimensionally stable PUR foam particularly well. The "4Tactical" Pad is an ideal way to mimic training with a shield/tactical shield with no curvature.

"4Tactical" punch pad keeps you in top form.

Fit for use with the "4Tactical" punch pad from TOP TEN. As a straight pad with flexible hand guidance, use with a tactical shield can be perfectly recreated. The pad can be processed in different ways on the front. The handle system enables fast reaction times and enables setting variants that are individually adapted to the holder. Here you benefit from training sessions both behind and in front of the pad and develop your skills for the next assignment.