Universal Training Stick "4Tactical“

material informatios:

  • robust hard plastic core
  • soft foam coat
  • non-slip grip surface
  • washable camouflage cover

Soft practice stick for hand-to-hand combat techniques with a divided grip and striking surface. Thanks to its low weight, guiding the "4Tactical" stick is hardly tiring.

Technical information:

  • Length 57cm
  • Diameter 3.5cm

Train your reaction skills with fast sequences of hits and attacks. The "4Tactical" training stick replaces the baton in training.

Possible uses:

  • melee training
  • distance training
  • self defense

Together with the punch pad of the 4Tactical series and the "Mutant" body armor set, the result is an overall picture of a protective shield and attack/defense weapon.

Trains the eye for dangerous situations - "4Tactical" Universal Stick.

Training under real conditions trains the general eye for dangerous situations. De-escalation is the primary goal but is not always feasible. Especially when the distances to each other are getting smaller, it is helpful to be able to maintain protective distances. This is where the "4Tactical" universal stick with its length of around 57 cm helps in the training process. Learn to assess the situation correctly and then act decisively in the respective situation. The more realistic the training structure with the "4Tactical" stick, the more efficient the performance of the actors. With its length, it corresponds to the replica of a baton and can be used like this for training purposes.

Fast reaction thanks to the best training conditions.

Only those who are fit will be able to assert themselves. Not only strength and endurance are required, but also a quick reaction time. With the "4Tactical" training stick, reflexive exercises can be added to the training process and changed again and again. When used creatively, the baton can be used both in close combat and as a long-range weapon. Injury-free training is guaranteed with the "4Tactical" stick, thanks to its high safety standards. The washable cover supports the high hygienic requirements in community sports. In general, the "4Tactical" training stick does not make any unique demands on care and storage.

Opt for more security and get the "4Tactical" universal training stick.