4Tactical Body Armor Set "Mutant“

material information

  • tight-fitting hook and loop fasteners
  • Outer shell tear-resistant polyester
  • hard plastic inserts
  • impact-absorbing foam

The 4Tactical "Mutant" protective suit is made of high-quality materials. Special protection zones for particularly stressed parts of the body provide more security.

Technical information

  • One size fits all
  • all parts can be worn individually
  • Incl. Instructions

The Body Armor Set "Mutant" from TOP TEN is available in one universal size. Various locking systems ensure the perfect hold.

possible uses

  • Reality-Training
  • melee training
  • self-defense courses

With this protective suit you can go into realistic close combat training without any worries. The "Mutant" is also an absolute must for self-defense courses.

Full body protective suit 4Tactical "Mutant" for professionals.

Packed in the 4Tactical "Mutant" you are ready for full use in close combat training. The material is so robust that it can even be used with blunt weapons. This makes the "Mutant" the perfect additional tool for your reality training. From head to toe, the sophisticated security system leaves nothing to chance. Heavily stressed zones, such as on the knees or elbows, are equipped with special pads, which are also used in motorcycle suits. The combination of different foam materials gives the suit strong impulse absorption, so that training can take place on both sides without injury.

Protective armor with speed guarantee.

The 4Tactical "Mutant" is a confusing pile of security equipment broken down into its parts. In order not to lose any time, all parts are numbered and are explained step by step in detailed instructions. In addition to optimized time management, the instructions help ensure that no important tool is accidentally forgotten. The "mutant" can only develop its full protective effect if it is properly designed. The 4Tactical Body Armor Set "Mutant" includes: 1 protective helmet with full visor + chin and neck protection, 1 neck brace, 2 hand protectors, 2 forearm protectors with elbow protectors, 1 chest and back shield, 1 knee-length protector trousers with groin protection, 2 shin guards with knee protectors, 2 knee pads.