Freestanding Bag "4Tactical" - 3 in 1


material information

  • maintenance-free vinyl outer shell
  • Filling made of foam + granulate
  • strong hook and loop connection
  • suitable for outdoor use

The material is tailored to the unique demands of professional training. The 3-layer filling made of foam and recycled Eco Sub granulate ensures safety.

Technical information

  • Height 170 cm
  • Height base 25 cm
  • Weight about 39 kg

The Freestanding Bad "4Tactical" can be used for grappling, standing, hanging, or on the ground. The punching bag can be easily separated from the base and used separately.

possible uses

  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Punching and kicking techniques
  • ground combat
  • fitness and endurance training

The "4Tactical" Freestanding Bag certainly shows its safe side with its square shape. Hit areas are filled immediately, which significantly reduces the risk of injury.

Quick-change artists: TOP TEN Freestanding Bag “4Tactical”.

From the standing all-rounder to the hanging fitness coach and back again. All this and many other training options are available with the "4Tactical" quick-change artist. The punching bag can be removed from the base in just a few simple steps and attached to a ceiling hook/boxing station using the strap system on the top. If you prefer to concentrate on ground fighting, simply put the Freestanding Bag on. Here punches and kicks can be executed close to the ground. Due to the robust cover, the "4Tactical" Freestanding Bag also survives throwing and gripping exercises outdoors without damage.

In a pack of 3 for added security.

If you train hard, you have to be able to rely 100% on your equipment. To convince in professional use, TOP TEN relies on a sophisticated safety system Made in Europe for the "4Tactical" Freestanding Bag. While the hard-wearing POLYPLAN cover comes from Austria, the protective system inside is a European joint project. One foam layer each from Austria and the Czech Republic forms the shell for the core made from Czech EcuSub material. This granulate is made from recycled car tires. The "4Tactical" training equipment thus takes an essential step towards sustainable consumer behavior.